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I was wondering if you guys can help me figure out the best way to create a script(javascript or something with ASP .NET??) that can be attached to any object with an image Scroll Bar.

I have a listbox (select) and it displays all options. Sometimes this will fit the page and doesn't require a scrollbar and other time it wont and will need a scrollbar. Which is all find however I need to use the images specified by the user instead of the standard windows (only needed for windows). And to top it off I need a cross-browser solution.

My idea is to encapsulate the object (with scrolling disabled) in a table ie. two columns first is spaned over 3 rows and holds the object which is not fixed in height or width.
The second column contains 3 rows top and bottom row holds the up/down images and are fixed the to image's width/height. The middle row is only fixed to width and will contain the scroller that the user can be dragged up or down by the user.

Has anyone done anything similar or have a good idea on how this can be done?? Can you see a flaw in my idea?? Only problem I see is that tables adjust themselves to the content they contain so it would more then likely adjust the page its in as well. So would Divs be a better solution??

Any help and constructive comments welcomed

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