Aligining multiple images on a single line with CSS

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I'm trying to align multiple thumbnails in a single line with CSS. I wonder how it is being done.

Let me write some code:


<div class="maincontainer">
<ul class="ppix">
<li caption="4 Physical Elements"><a href="../images/3dillus_4elements.jpg></li>
<li caption="Disco Poster Freak"><a href="../images/3dillus_discoposter.jpg></li>
<li caption="Intergalactic Whirlwind"><a href="../images/3dillus_whirlwind.jpg></li>

CSS {}

I wanted to align 3 to 4 images on a single line and then the rest to flow below the first line. I have the freedom to adjust margin and padding to see how close the images are arranged. Also, wanted to include a caption below each thumbnail.

Is there a way to be done on a multiple column list instead of using multiple divs?
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in your css
Code: [ Select ]
width:500px; /* something thats only wide enough for 3 images */

.ppix li{
  1. .maincontainer{
  2. width:500px; /* something thats only wide enough for 3 images */
  3. }
  4. .ppix li{
  5. float:left;
  6. }
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Assuming you have variable heights, that won't be enough because each new line can look severely messed up and not even have 3 in a line because of the float interfering.
You're either going to want to span every 3 images and float that as well, or simply put 3 images in your <li>.

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