Automatic Hyperlinking?

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I’m using an old version on FrontPage (98). I would like to put a page on a web site that automatically goes to a different page. For example, let’s say that I have a page that appears in the results of a search engine. Then a person clicks on that page in the search engine. What I want to happen next is for the person to actually go to a different page. So, maybe for a microsecond they go to the original page but then they are automatically redirected to a different page. How do I do that?
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You do do that in PHP if the following is the only thing that you have on that page.
PHP Code: [ Select ]
header("Location:<!-- m -->");
  1. <?php
  2. header("Location:<!-- m -->");
  3. ?>

That would send the user immediately to another page/site.

Or, you can use meta redirect.
HTML Code: [ Select ]
<title>Hi, You are being redirected</title>
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="4;url=">
<p>Please wait while you are being redirected.<br>
If you are not redirected, please click <a href="">Here</a></p>
  1. <html>
  2. <head>
  3. <title>Hi, You are being redirected</title>
  4. <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="4;url=">
  5. </head>
  6. <body>
  7. <p>Please wait while you are being redirected.<br>
  8. If you are not redirected, please click <a href="">Here</a></p>
  9. </body>
  10. </html>

Hope that helped :)
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Search engines frown upon this quite a bit, however. Don't be surprised if your pages stop showing up :)
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Another option is using Javascript
HTML Code: [ Select ]
<script language="JavaScript">
  1. <script language="JavaScript">
  2. window.location="newpage.html";
  3. </script>

or if you want to put a delay for 3 seconds (=3000 miliseconds):
HTML Code: [ Select ]
<script language="JavaScript">
  1. <script language="JavaScript">
  2. setTimeout("window.location='newpage.html';",3000);
  3. </script>

Both code above can be inserted inside <HEAD> or <BODY>.

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