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I am building a site for a band and for one reason or another the background image is acting really strange.

When you enter the pages the backgimage is not displayed at all or only partially. When you click a link to the same page again, the backgimage is displayd correctly. Weird. The site uses frames and the purpoise is to have the backgimage change with every page.

please take a look for yourself

When clicking through here, the main page seems ok, but click on the "news" and "band" page.

Help is needed, this boggles my mind completely. I've tried Googling for answers but found none.

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I am not really certain I understand your dilemma, but I will take a shot.

When you click on 'band', for instance, the page comes up with the appropriate information, however, some time later the background image shows up? As if to say, it's delayed?

The easiest explanation if that is the case, is that those images are huge. The one for the band page alone is like 64K. If someone is doing dial-up, oh my it would take a few for it to come in. Once it's cached however, it should come up rather quickly -- at least until the content expires and it is forced to re-grab the image.

You may want to consider reducing the file size of your background images.

That all help alleviate the problem you are facing.


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