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for the past couple of days i was looking for a php photo gallery.. After looking at like 300 scrips on hotscripts, and comparing many of them, I thought that I would ask advise here. I have certain requirements that I need from the script/software:

1.) I want to upload my own thumbnails with my own full size pictures.
2.) A easy upload interface
3.) beeing able to at picture into more than just one categorie
4.) maybe a search function
5.) easy integration in existing web-site (edit template, etc)

the problem that i found was that either the scripts are way to in depth (coppermine, etc) or way to basic .. I guess I am looking for the in between.

Comdev Photo Gallery I liked, but it costs 60 bucks and I am sure that there is a script out there for free that can do the same stuff.

I dont need any of the community features, like rating the pictures, leaving posts, etc. Just a gallery.

Ugophp easy gallery maker I liked too ..

So, what photo galleries are you guys using? What could u recommend?

thanks for any tips,

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Post 3+ Months Ago

One of my friends installed a photo gallery script, i will get hold of the website he got it from.

It is actually pretty neat in my opinion.

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