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I think there is a goldmine in online gamimg market.

Casino, poker, bingo, sportsbook, lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ spent over online gambling.

14 months ago //site name removed has maybe 3000 players per day, now they have 40000. Makes over $1000,000 rake per day.

I heard few casino webmasters make $50,000 per month. A simple site with casino links, PPC list high on google and overture. For example, //site name removed, it was paying $30 per click and it is a casino portal site.

Usually casinos pay 25% referral commission, pay as long as the player is still playing.

So how to getting traffic is the key, otherwise everyone can be a casino webmaster.

I have an idea to attract players by offering them monthly cash prize. The prize come from referral commission.

2 test model sites are made, //site name removed and //site name removed.

Please review my idea and give me some feedbacks.

I need a partner for the idea, and I can pay you for your help to improve the site design and everything related to it.


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Post 3+ Months Ago

If your intersted in this please contact the poster by clicking the email link in the bottom oh their post.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

if this is the same site he posted twice, and then was warned in PM about posting it again, we have a major problem here.

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