Bizarre problem making me crazy

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Hi all. Does anyone know what is happening here...

Yesterday I changed the host for my website. I changed the DNS servers, and now everybody is seeing the website on the new server, except for me, I only see the old one.

But the really weird part is that when I restart my computer and modem, I see the new site for about 15 minutes. But after 15 minutes, it stops working and I'm back to the old site !! It feels like the twilight zone. I tried to this "dns flush" but it didn't have any effect.

Has anybody experienced something like this before ?? What is happening? :?

Thanks a lot
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sounds to me like your still waiting for the all the DNS records at your ISP to refresh. (72 hrs is still what I hear when we change stuff) I assume what happens is that when you refresh your connection you get connected to a router with an updated record, but your dynamic IP passes off to a non-updated router.

I'd say wait another day and see if you still get the issues. If you do still have those issues call your ISP since it sounds like its an issue on their end and not with your web host
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Graphixboy is right on the ticket there. You've got to remember that there are thousands upon thousands of dns servers all across the globe and it has to replicate around to every single one.
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All I will say is, Its all about time my friend :P

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