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i am new to this forum
i do have a problem if any one solved means i would be great full to them .

as my problem is i have a jsp page . in that page i have an iframe
which i had disable by style:none. i had given the iframe src = a blank that blank page iam setting the values,which was sending some values like action etc.. and my problem is that i frame is not submitting in FireFox.
my jspcode:-

Code: [ Select ]
var objframe = document.getElementById('iframeVerification');

    var frmReport1 =iframeVerification.getObject('frmReport');;

  1. var objframe = document.getElementById('iframeVerification');
  2.     var frmReport1 =iframeVerification.getObject('frmReport');;
  4.     frmReport1.action="/Screening/";
  5.     frmReport1.clientorderid.value=clientorderid;
  6.     frmReport1.reportno.value=rid;
  7.     frmReport1.tabname.value=Tabname;
  8.     frmReport1.screen.value="ApplicantInfo";
  9.     frmReport1.appsstatus.value=appsstatus;
  11.     frmReport1.submit();

1)iframeVerification is my iframe

2) and i am calling a method getObject(which is in blank page) by iframe.
3) i want to disply blankpage in this iframe.
in IE it is working and in FireFoe is not working.

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