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Hi. I have a couple of similar websites using jmail pl for simple contact forms on the index pages which send an email to me when filled in etc.. They have both been working fine for a couple of years but have recently hit problems. When the 'submit' button is clicked on the following message comes up;
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

I have no idea how to correct this or how it happened as I have done nothing to the website recently.
The HTML from Dreamweaver is as follows (if anyone can see anything wrong with it please......I have replaced the external link with () to be able to post)

HTML Code: [ Select ]
<form action="http://macdonaldmortgages/cgi-bin/jmail()pl" method="post" name="contact  " id="contact  ">
            <p align="left" class="style58">Name<br>
              <input name="name"type="text" id="name">
              <textarea name="address" id="address"></textarea>              
              Telephone <br>
              <input name="telephone" type="text" id="telephone">
              E-mail address<br>
              <input name="emailaddress" type="text" id="emailaddress">
              Property Value <br>
              <input name="propertyvalue" type="text" id="propertyvalue">
              Mortgage Required <br>
              <input name="mortgagerequired" type="text" id="mortgagerequired">
            <p align="left">              <span class="style58">
              <input name="newmortgage" type="checkbox" id="newmortgage" value="checkbox">
              New Mortgage?<br>
              <input name="re-mortgage " type="checkbox" id="re-mortgage " value="checkbox">
      <input name="selfcertmortgage" type="checkbox" id="selfcertmortgage" value="checkbox">
      Self cert Mortgage?<br>
      <input name="badcreditmortgage" type="checkbox" id="badcreditmortgage" value="checkbox">
      Bad credit Mortgage?<br>
      <input name="firsttimebuyer" type="checkbox" id="firsttimebuyer" value="checkbox">
      First time buyer?<br>
      <input name="buytolet" type="checkbox" id="buytolet" value="checkbox">
      Buy To Let?<br>
      <input name="commercial" type="checkbox" id="commercial" value="checkbox">
      Commercial Mortgage?</span></p>
            <p align="left">
              <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">
              <input name="recipient" type="hidden" id="recipient" value="email address">
              <input name="location" type="hidden" id="location" value="http://websiteaddress/thankyou2.htm">
  1. <form action="http://macdonaldmortgages/cgi-bin/jmail()pl" method="post" name="contact  " id="contact  ">
  2.           <blockquote>
  3.             <p align="left" class="style58">Name<br>
  4.               <input name="name"type="text" id="name">
  5.               <br>
  6.               Address<br>
  7.               <textarea name="address" id="address"></textarea>              
  8.               Telephone <br>
  9.               <input name="telephone" type="text" id="telephone">
  10.               <br>
  11.               E-mail address<br>
  12.               <input name="emailaddress" type="text" id="emailaddress">
  13.               Property Value <br>
  14.               <input name="propertyvalue" type="text" id="propertyvalue">
  15.               Mortgage Required <br>
  16.               <input name="mortgagerequired" type="text" id="mortgagerequired">
  17.             </p>
  18.             <p align="left">              <span class="style58">
  19.               <input name="newmortgage" type="checkbox" id="newmortgage" value="checkbox">
  20.               New Mortgage?<br>
  21.               <input name="re-mortgage " type="checkbox" id="re-mortgage " value="checkbox">
  22.       Re-Mortgage?<br>
  23.       <input name="selfcertmortgage" type="checkbox" id="selfcertmortgage" value="checkbox">
  24.       Self cert Mortgage?<br>
  25.       <input name="badcreditmortgage" type="checkbox" id="badcreditmortgage" value="checkbox">
  26.       Bad credit Mortgage?<br>
  27.       <input name="firsttimebuyer" type="checkbox" id="firsttimebuyer" value="checkbox">
  28.       First time buyer?<br>
  29.       <input name="buytolet" type="checkbox" id="buytolet" value="checkbox">
  30.       Buy To Let?<br>
  31.       <input name="commercial" type="checkbox" id="commercial" value="checkbox">
  32.       Commercial Mortgage?</span></p>
  33.             <p align="left">
  34.               <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">
  35.               <input name="recipient" type="hidden" id="recipient" value="email address">
  36.               <input name="location" type="hidden" id="location" value="http://websiteaddress/thankyou2.htm">
  37.             </p>
  38.           </blockquote>
  39.       </form>

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