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Pretty much, I am doing this so i can be more organised for school.
What i want to do is make a webpage to set as my desktop (which i have already done), and then on Monday, it will show the subjects i have for monday, and then i could perhaps have a text file to edit so i could update the homework, but that would be a seperate section...anybody know how this could be done?
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yes do this:
Code: [ Select ]
$day = date('D');
if($day == "Monday"){print "You Monday subjects"
}elseif($day == "Tuesday"){print "Your Tuesday subjects"
}elseif($day == "Wednesday"){print "Your Wednesday subjects"
}elseif($day == "Thursday"){print "Your Thursday subjects"
}else{print "Your Friday subjects"};
  1. <?php
  2. $day = date('D');
  3. if($day == "Monday"){print "You Monday subjects"
  4. }elseif($day == "Tuesday"){print "Your Tuesday subjects"
  5. }elseif($day == "Wednesday"){print "Your Wednesday subjects"
  6. }elseif($day == "Thursday"){print "Your Thursday subjects"
  7. }else{print "Your Friday subjects"};
  8. ?>

Ar hang on are you running it through a server cos if you are not it wont work!
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Is there a reason other than just wanting to make something of your own that you don't use something like Mozilla Sunbird ?
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what is sunbird? i have never heard of it before?

EDIT: Hey, just looked at sunbird.

Problem is, this is my desktop, and a webpage so that it can integrate with my desktop.

Also, tastysite, how would i implement that code exactly...i'm fairly new to web design..where would the php get the variables?
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You could always check out something like Samurize which can show you rss feeds, text files for to do lists, system info, etc. all on your desktop.

I use another similar program called Rainmeter and love it. Use it for my to do lists all the time.

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