creating a new website for a local doctor’s practice

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Hi all,

I am creating a new website for part of my exam for computers.

I have to make a website for a local doctor’s practice and I have to make 10-15 pages- however every page has to get the user/visitor to type, or at least make them feel as though they have taken part. If you have any tips on how I could do this, I would be very grateful if you could tell me.

I am already quite competent with HTML and I know a little JavaScript but not a lot.

Basically I would like to know what I should include in my website to make it get top marks and stand out amongst the class (please bear in mind I am not cheating here- just asking for some advice and help).

If you think you could help me, or know of someone (or a website) which could be useful to me please contact me.

I look forward to your response.

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By user type and that stuff, do you mean a cookie collecting info or them actually having to be able to fill in some form on every page?

Search option?
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I'm not sure if you thought of this but you could always put in google maps ie "Type in your address and we will tell you how far it is from the doctors" The problem is that it is an exam and in the normal scheme of things (ie a normal website outside of a test) a website would not have EVERY page having something where they could enter data it would be inpossible to make a website that had a text entry choose on every page. I wish you luck. FYI - if you do have the know how you could have something along the lines of a self evaluation to find out what's possible making you ill.

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