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With a bit of javascript, I'm in the process of creating a second level navigation, when the user rolls over a menu item, I am using javascript to change the second levels display properly to 'block' in order to show the sub menu since it's declared as 'display: none;' via CSS.

The size of this block is 200 pixels in height however when the user rollovers the intial menu, the sub menu appears perfectly but drops makes the page expand down 200 pixels since this is the sie of the sub menu container.

If there a way to overcome this since I want the sub menu to simply appear underneath the menu item but not extend the actual page container a further 200 pixels.

I hope my explanation makes sense.
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for this type of help it would be helpful if you could either:

1. past all your code.
2. send us a URL to look at.
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CSS "float" will take the element out of the page flow.

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