CSS: Float right in IE doesn't work!

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It displays perfect in firefox, but in IE the float area aligns right rather then floats right. (Meaning that the intro text is under the float area leaving a large white space to the left of the float rather then filling it with the text)

Code: [ Select ]
<div style="position: relative; float:right; width:236px;">
<img src="images/bucket.gif" width="236" height="214" alt=""/>
text here
text here
text here
<div id="title">Introduction</div>
<p>content here</p>
  1. <div style="position: relative; float:right; width:236px;">
  2. <img src="images/bucket.gif" width="236" height="214" alt=""/>
  3. text here
  4. text here
  5. text here
  6. </div>
  7. <div id="title">Introduction</div>
  8. <p>content here</p>
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Just a suggestion. Try a different position, like static for instance. IE interprets position a little bit different than Firefox, or so I learned from experience. I also suggest using an external CSS file. I'm sure you know how to implement those.
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IE seems not to like the "float" property when it's part of a <div> tag. I had the same problem and moved my "float:right" language to the <table> tag which I had inside my <div>. I think in this example, a person could move it to the <img> tag and it would work.

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