CSS: Scrollbar hack for mozilla?

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(please note that that you can scroll when the overflow is hidden in firefox but you cannot scroll when the overflow is hidden in ie)

I have made a game for my friends to play, you just scroll down a page as fast as you can and then when you get to the bottom of the page it will tell you your time, it all works except for one thing, what i want is the scrollbars not to be visible in your browser so that you cant cheat, i have done this in ie by simply changing all the scrollbar colors to the same color as the page background, this way it is able to scroll too, but then i faced the task of making it compatible in mozilla firefox,i tried setting the overflow property to hidden but unfortunately this also made internet explorer show the overflow as hidden therefore the page was unscrollable, i was wondering if anyone knew any workarounds/hacks that allow you to hide the scrollbar in ie & firefox but still allow it to scroll in both?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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