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please i need a css code that will make my webpage maintains its font size. Example on the website www dot stamtech dot net you will find out that when users click on view, then text size, using Internet explorer as the browser then largest the size gets bigger please I dont want my Website to look like that any more lets someone help me with the css code.
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you can't do much about it, if you want to change the font size in ANY browser people just have to hold down the Ctrl button and use the middle mouse scroll wheel. As far as I know there is no way to stop this happening just as there is no way to stop people picking there own fonts, you just have to hope that they have no course to do it. I only have to do it if the font is to small in the first place
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the only thing that you can do is the following:
CSS Code: [ Select ]
  1. body{
  2. font-family:arial,helvetica;
  3. font-size:12px;
  4. }

This will make the font default to Arial 12px, but if a user changes the font manually in their browser settings (which most don't), it will stay like that.
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The solution is to build your site so it sizes dynamically and doesn't break when something changes. By the way this is really only a problem in IE since other browsers zoom the entire page not just the text. Browsers makers include this feature for people who have vision difficulties and its therefore a really bad practice to try to defeat the accessibility.

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