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I am thinking of developing a website as pet project or possibly some business. Depends on how it goes. The pet project is called Matrimony website.

Before doing anything, I collected some column names and thought to develop Database. For that I thought of some tables and its name.

But I am struck with some big issues:

    Do I use ORM based approach, or
    Just go into mysql Workbench and create table, or
    Create a schema and draw tables from it (any free tool? ), or
    Some other way.

Important point is that this is my pet project and I will only be involved with it. Sometime I think of quick and dirty way but again I think why to create a crap.

I know that while in development, I may need to redesign database many times. In this case what will be easier to follow. Just creating tables may be easier to forgot to update on other places, etc. I used ORM when learning Symfony. There few data types was not supported that time but table creating was easier.

Any suggestion for the above and other things you know I may face in this case.

Next issue is Relational database or NoSQL or mixed of it. How to do it?

Should I use DB Abstraction Layer. Think of Mysql as DB in general.

Thank you!

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