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hi there

i would like to start desiging sites specifically for mobile phones. i would like by using my own site for this. www[.]dmcobbinah[.]com is what i will use. can someone give me some start up tips about this? is it a case of setting the css for mobile devices so that mobile.css kicks in when someone sees my site on a mobile device? i understand that its better practice to have a subdomain 'm.' so in effect i would have m[.]dmcobbinah[.]com. am i right in saying that the meta tagging will be the area that will pick up whats coming and therefore display the correct stylesheet?

i am very new at this so understanding the buildind blocks will defo help in developing mobile specific pages.

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Your main concern with mobile browsers is page weight. "How big is each pages file size ?" is the question you need to ask yourself.

There are three major reasons why.

1) Mobile networks typically aren't as fast as home/business cable connections
2) Some users have data plans that charge them for how much data they use
3) Large complicated layouts will force the devices to use more battery life to parse and render the page

Do you realize that 77% of your page size is stuffed in your keywords <meta> element ? That's just wasteful and doesn't even take non-HTML elements into account. The file size is ~22KB with that meta element and ~5KB without. I would go through that list and drop a lot of the ones I really don't need. Create pages those keywords are relevant to and put them on those pages if you really want to target them. You're not doing yourself any favors with it the way it is now though.

In my experience, a fixed-width site (800-1000 pixels wide) with a light page weight (10-15 KB HTML, 20-25 KB total) does just fine with mobile visitors. I regularly have a bounce rate in the 20s to 30s combined with an average page view count of 10-15 per visit and my primary audience actually is people on smartphones with resolutions around 320x480 and 480x854. It's likely my content that keeps my numbers where they are, but the fact remains that my lightweight "designed for PC" layouts arent driving people away. :)

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