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Hey for years I have a problem with the designing concept of web design, I've got the coding side down pack, I would like some advice on the colors I should you with this:
takealookatthisdesign-part1 (stuck here.JPG

I need help on where to put my navigation bar and what color it should be. Also what color should be my body and footer.
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Well there are a lot of variables to take into account when picking your colors. Before I can give you a valid opinion I have a couple questions for you.

1.) Is that image going to be your background image for your site?

2.) What kind of site is it? Art/photography, e-commerce, personal.....??

As for the colors, light text on a dark background is 'almost always' a bad thing. Exceptions being imaged/design based websites, such as photography and portfolio websites. Also, just a personal opinion, the logo is a bit big for my taste. It's not the width that is the problem, but the height. Don't get me wrong, it's done very nicely and looks great, but if your logo is that big you will have to push everything else down, especially if that's going to be your background for every page. Pushing your content down makes people have to scroll more and the more someone has to scroll the more likely they are to leave your page. Unless you have some interesting titles that show before you have to do any scrolling.

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