Disappear backgrounds and moving pictures

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Hello there,

Problems have been fixed, thank you to everyone who tried to assist. It's always appreciated.
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here's where I think you need to start ... you have 291 validation errors according to the W3Validator ... many-a -time those help i fixing a problem immediately ...

I'm sorry, but that site screws up my browser ... not just inside the browser, but the actual browser itsself ... once it's opened I cannot switch tabs, nothing ... and it has crashed on me twice ... So I can't have a look at what's going on ...
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Something that might help get rid of a lot of your validation errors: delete all the widgets and gadgets you've got from other websites (i.e. the Fox sports ticker) - in addition to bogging your site down with unnecessary content and increasing load time far more than they are worth, most widgets come with code that will screw up for validation (and sometimes more - esp. when you've got a lot of em') toot sweet.

Once you have the errors out and the widgets dumped it'll be much easier to identify any other problems you've got browser-compatibility wise.

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