Drupal: Content type or Taxonomy?

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So I'm building the database of course listings for a school in Drupal. I'd like to get some insight into how you guys would go about this logically.

Basically there are two pieces of content that relate to each other:
  • Course Description
    • Overall course category. E.g.: "ACC - Advanced Academic Achievement"
  • Class
    • An actual class associated with the course description. E.g.: "ACC 121 - Accounting Principles"
The issue here is that I want to create degree programs that reference the courses. This way, when a new degree is being offered, the administrator can add course requirements through a dynamic drop-down list.

For instance, a new accounting degree is being offered. It requires classes under the "ACC" course. So the administrator would select "ACC" for the course. Underneath the course dropdown, there would be a second dropdown called "Class" that would be filled with classes only associated with the course "ACC", such as "ACC 121".

So I obviously need a content type for degree programs, that has a field for adding courses and classes. My question is, how should I go about adding course descriptions and classes? Should they be taxonomies or content-types? And is there a module out there that ties with CCK for creating dynamically populated lists that are associated with a parent item?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

What about something like this node relativity module:


The module allows parent-child relationships between nodes to be established, managed and searched. You can restrict the types of nodes that can be parented and the ordinality of parents. These are used to contextually create links to add new child nodes or attach existing ones. There is also a navigation block that uses a node's ancestry to list out breadcrumb-style links.

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