DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha Top is 7 pixels out

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i've got a slight issue with an IE bug, and i'm not sure how to fix it, DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha( style=0,opacity=40,finishOpacity=40,startX=40,finishX=40,startY=40,finishY=40); LEFT: 22px; WIDTH: 43px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 340px; HEIGHT: 50px; -moz-opacity: 0.40", it seems the "TOP:" is always 7 pixels out vs the mozilla way, anyway around this?

hmmm i wonder if i could set a variable, of brower=mozilla, let variable=-7 (else variable=0) and then add varable to TOP=340+variable

any ideas or examples would be handy.
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A URL would also be handy, in case the problem is caused by something else.

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