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hey guys, i want to have a file input in a table in a div of 150px wide, but no matter what i do, it does not want to resize. how would i change the size of this so it fits?

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<div id="right">
<table align="left" style="width:150px">
<th>upload a picture</th>
<tr><td ><input type="file" id="picture"></td></tr>
  1. <div id="right">
  2. <table align="left" style="width:150px">
  3. <th>upload a picture</th>
  4. <tr><td ><input type="file" id="picture"></td></tr>
  5. </table>
  6. </div>

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what part doesn't resize? The table, the div or the input field?

Second question why do you need the table? Seems like a lot of extra code...
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Is it because you got a certain width defined in the table style attribute?
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You can try lowering the font-size of the elements in that container if you're going for a smaller input.
That's going to be negated if the visitor has a min size set for their screen fonts that's larger than your font-size though.

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