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I'm trying to apply a random filter style that I have set up to an Image. Basically when the mouse rolls over a line of text I want the Image to swap, and also to apply a filter to the image, I want the filter to be different on each image. Is this possible, does anyone know how I can write this?
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what it sounds like to me is you need an image swapping script in
javascript. There's tons of them available out thre, just do a google
search. If you have Dreamweaver, it has an onboard version of it that
sets up through a small wizard (kinda). it's really easy to use.

as far as the filters are concerned, i really have no idea what you are
asking here. examples? maybe you're saying each image will be diffrent
from each other, and if that's the case, photoshop or some other image
program will help you achieve this quite easily.
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Yes, there is no way to set up filters in JS, so you need to make each image you want to display, then just you rollover effects to get the job done.

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