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Post 3+ Months Ago

I m sorry if some of this is a rehash of my thread in the general discussion forum - it is largely rewritten and improved I hope.

Using E-mail address as website address

At we have built software that will make an e-mail address function as if it were a domain name. We believe this illusion is a fundamental breakthrough that will bring all sorts of new opportunities to web site developers.

This demo demonstrates that these two e-mail addresses, whilst sharing the same domain as a base-unit, open different website pages.


The Netscape browser bar titles the web page or whilst the Microsoft browser (needs a patch) titles both pages (even though they are different)

Using our software a single base-unit-domain could support millions of website addresses. AOL Could provide every customer with a website address ending with


It is always difficult to predict all the uses new ideas will be put to. We have come up with a few applications that you might find stimulating.

Matching E-Mail and Website addresses

The obvious use is for companies such as AOL to provide website facilities – such as message boards or vanity websites to all their customers. and

However we think using the @ as an “a” creates more beautiful opportunities and and and

E-Brands – packages of e-mail addresses with website brands.

An interesting aspect of this technology is that the owners of domains can produce thousands of website addresses from a single base unit. This leads to opportunities to build website brands

For instance the owner of could create a brand of complimentary e-mail and website addresses ending with & & &

The websites could be two page sites with facilities for the owners to post a picture of themselves along with details of their lifestyle etc

The pairings could be sold as a package; a dating addresses or the oldest profession .

Some other ideas for brands are: could be packaged a (little gallery sites) could be packaged as Anyname& (family e-mail and website packages) could be packaged as (E-mail and website packages) could be packaged as E-names – website and e-mail pairing for people called Taylor, Naylor and Gaylor: anynameT@ylor, and could be packed as could be a special job hunters contact and CV package


The pairing of e-mail and website addresses make the use of autoresponders come alive in an extraordinary way. Autoresponders do not need to be drab – they can return glitzy pages

We set up this pair of addresses are on an autoresponder and webpage

Demo: (autoresponder) and

Where three worlds meet


autoresponder ;
e-mail addresses (not set up)

Look what has happened – the address is a brand name (otherwise unavailable), the e-mail address intuitively relates to the website address and is used for autoresponder news, and the E-site can have multiple e-mail addresses for the members of the company running the sites.


We have already shown you the fun application used for Father Christmas.
It is also possible for individuals to set up nick names to use as their Internet identity. For instance someone could decide to be as a personal identity and post their picture at

Autoresponder Brands

We have a base unit:

Using this base unit we can sell autoresponder addresses with E-site facilities.


Autoresponder and E-site

There are so many opportunities for the combination of autoresponders and e-sites it is impossible to list them all. Restaurants could use them for menus – classified columns in newspapers could use them – football results could be put on them. The applications go on and on.

We need your help

We hope that the ideas above have initiated an interest in using this technology.
A-tails is a two person company run by one webmaster and an artist who know nothing about programming. We need your interest and assistance in launching this technology….are you interested in working with us?

If you read all this; THANK YOU
My e-mail address is :roll:
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Post 3+ Months Ago


I'm locking this post, essentially because it's a rewrite of what you already have in the General board and it doesn't really fit into any topic we currently have listed . If you'd like, you have the ability to edit your original post in the General board and replace the original content with the new.

This does not belong in the Design board as you appear to be looking for opinions about your new service. Actually, IMHO, you appear to be looking for people to use/support/help with your new service and frankly I think it borders on spam - it looks very much to me like an advertisement. I'm surprised to see it lasted as long as it did, but since you received good feedback there, I assume that's why the other mods left it alone and I followed suit.

However, I would caution you that if we see repetative attempts at posting duplicates around this forum the original post will get shut down. We want designers to have a great chance for feedback about their work, but none of us will allow this place to become an advertising board.

Good luck in your efforts.

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