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Ok i'm lost using this but i got some coding from a help weby. This is what I got from it,
Code: [ Select ]
<TITLE>A sample frameset document</TITLE>
<FRAME SRC="foo.html" NAME=foo>
<FRAME SRC="bar.html" NAME=bar>
  1. <HTML>
  2. <HEAD>
  3. <TITLE>A sample frameset document</TITLE>
  4. </HEAD>
  5. <FRAMESET ROWS="*,*">
  6. <FRAME SRC="foo.html" NAME=foo>
  7. <FRAME SRC="bar.html" NAME=bar>
  9. <BODY>
  10. ...
  11. </BODY>
  12. </NOFRAMES>
  13. </FRAMESET>
  14. </HTML>

don't ask about the foo bar, but I think this is right, anyone figure another way to use frames to mask the address?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Why would you want to mask the address? People will not be easily able to link to your site.

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