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I see what mean. Justed browsed a quick few. The have a lot more information involved with their sites than I.

I guess I just don't know a way to build a site that conforms to an individuals browser. I have tried liquid layouts in golive, but can't seem to utilize them with the imagery I'd like to use.

The site was intended as a means to view my portfolio. The items aren't any where near the size of my parent pages, but if the home page and portfolio page aren't effective I'm defeating my purpose.

Suggestions welcomed!
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Well, I didn't see anything wrong with the javascript, so I pulled up your site in IE7 (I usually use FF2). When I hovered over the links (you need to style them, btw ;)) IE complained about "Object expected" on Line 1. So I pulled up FF's error console, tried hovering over the links again, and got "changeImages is not defined"

I looked at the definition for changeImages in the page's source, and found
Code: [ Select ]
function changeImages(){
  1. function changeImages(){
  2. changeImagesArray(changeImages.arguments);
  3. }

This is asking for the "arguments" member of the changeImages object...which is as yet undefined, to the best of my knowledge. It may be defined in GoLive's development environment, but not on your HTML page. Having never used GoLive myself, I'm not sure.

Anyway, regarding site feedback, the site itself (from the homepage and after I clicked on Portfolio, anyway) feels like it was designed for older people. The fonts are huge, the images are huge, and I suddenly feel really old o_0
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Post 3+ Months Ago

So, I have a similar question as earlier posted, I do use GoLive and everytime I edit a rollover image or add a new one, it remakes the link to the CSScriptLib.js and puts it locally. How do I get GoLive to just keep it where I put it? Is there a setting for it? In other words, I want the source to say "src=CSScriptLib.js" not the whole user/etc...

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