Good iPhone Compatible Fonts ?

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I recently started on an iPhone wallpaper site and after a few weeks my #1 and #2 browsers are Internet Explorer on Windows, and Safari on the iPhone. They're not too far apart either, I wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone ended up overtaking IE in the coming weeks.

Now this caught me completely by surprise, I never anticipated actual iPhones visiting the site & I'm smacking my forehead with a big duh right now.

Fortunately I was using primarily Opera when creating the layout, and Opera/Safari render very very close to each-other from my experience. I've also had someone confirm that the site looks fine on their iPhone.

However, they mentioned something about not being able to read much until they turn the iPhone on its' side which has me a bit worried. When I asked if it could be the font they said "no, most sites look like that. It's just the small screen-size.".

The "most sites" struck a nerve with me though, I don't want to be "most sites". "Most sites" means there's some out there which don't look like this. I want to be one of "those sites".

So, is there any certain fonts which would be good to use with my new anticipation of a lot of iPhone visitors ?
Or perhaps something else that effects this odd behavior where things can't be read unless the phone is on its' side ?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Here's a List. In my experience Trebuchet renders very nicely in Safari.

I would assume the legibility issue has something to do with safari trying to zoom/resize your page. I'm not sure how much you can do about that other than setting font-size to 100% in your body tag.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

The iPhone (and iPod Touch) uses a full blown version of Safari; typical web pages are sometimes difficult to read not because the font is illegible but because the whole thing is just so darned small. Turning the device on its side rotates the browser so that things are displayed horizontally in a "widescreen" fashion, but even that isn't much better for most sites. Many people still have to zoom in to areas of the site to read it.

My advice would be to use an entirely different stylesheet for mobile devices. The choice of font isn't what's important, it's the size.

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