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Hey all,

I'm working on my personal website: http://pbworld.u69.us/index.php

I want to create a header image but I am having trouble with the sizing. Won't the box where it says "TKspace.com" be a different size depending on the user's resolution? How can I make it so the picture is the same size relative to the page to prevent horizontal scrolling or a really small image?

Thanks in advance.
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The standard trick here would be to have a graphic with the
logo, etc., and then have a tiling image as the background.

To see this being used, scroll up and take a look at Ozzu's header.
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Yes that is the best way IMO, also the logo does not have to be set on the left, you can have it in the middle or the right as well.

You could also put the site in a set width table
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oh yeah logo can be anywhere it don't have to be on Right it can be on any side...
go to this website link and Render a Logo.
http://www.cooltext.com be sure to open the link in New Window so u dont leave the forum :roll:
did i help ? :?

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