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Hi, there is a classifieds site in Mexico ( similar to Ebay, my problem is that they are blocking flash embeding and I canĀ“t find a workaround for this situation, a few months ago they disabled the <object> code so insted of that we used javascript, then they blocked javascript and we used iframes but now iframes as well as "onload" are blocked and I cant find a way to do it, my problem is that my main business consist of selling flash products on that site. Their policy states you can use flash but they are blocking all the ways I know to embed flash movies.
I will pay to the person who help me figuring out a way to embed flash to this site.

Codes blocked:
anything javascript related

The servers modify the code for examples embed is turned to embe1 after publishing a product so after passing through this filter it becomes unusable.

Any Ideas?
Lets start with 50usd to the person who gives me a working code.
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Where did you read that flash was allowed? If it was there, they must have removed that from the policy because I can't find it there...
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If they're actively blocking your workarounds you need to speak with their developers or support personel about it.

We can not allow discussions based on circumventing security measures in this context here, sorry.

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