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Hey Guys,

I'd need a little help with my IIS setup on Win2k3 Server.

I am hosting on my own server. IIS was working fine until I tried to set up another website on the same machine.
I was also required to install Sharepoint 3.0, so this added to the setup complexity.

When I try to access my site from a pc on the Internet, I get a "This page cannot be found" "HTTP 400 Bad Request" error.

When I type the domain name (http://www_mysite_com) in Chrome from a machine on the LAN I get "This web page is not available" "Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) Unable to resolve the server's DNS address.

When I type the private IP address of the machine that IIS is running on (from the LAN) in Chrome, I get a page that is completely blank except "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)" in bold at the top of the page.

When I type the machine name of the server again that IIS is running on, in Chrome (from a machine on the LAN) I get the same error.

When I type the private IP address of the machine that IIS is running on in Chrome (from the LAN) but change the port to 8080, I get challenged for authentication and after I log on as administrator, a page that is completely blank except "Directory Listing Denied" "The virtual directroy does not allow contents to be listed" in bold at the top of the page.

Until last week, I could see my site after I provided the admin p/w when challenged. I don't know what changed since then but now I can't anymore.

IIS reports the sites are "RUNNING" in status.

I have been looking all over the net for solutions for about a month now and I can't find out how to get this working again.
Sharepoint is functional.

I'm trying to get both sites (as well as Sharepoint) to run on the same server and same public IP.
I had tried adding host headers to each site to try to get everything working together. Obviously I did somethings wrong.

I'm quite sure it's just a few settings and I felt that someone that has a lot of experience with IIS would probably be able to get this up and running right away.
So I thought I'd post here to see if someone would be nice enough to help!
I don't know IIS well enough to figure out what is wrong.
I thought that if I could get some help from someone who really knows IIS (or someone who has seen this problem before) they might be able to tell me what is wrong in the setup and how I should expect IIS to behave according to how I have set it up.

I have really been tearing my hair out on this one and I need this working.

To make things worse I was using Dreamweaver to slowly build my site and I can no longer FTP with DR.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

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