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I am having trouble trying to get my page to fill the screen. I tried height=100% in the table code. I also tried to add something to my CSS that I found online, but that didn't seem to work. Can someone help? I'd like the copyright at the bottom to always be at the bottom of the screen (and the green on the left should go all the way to the bottom as well. Even if the text in the main section is only a couple sentences.

Here is the site. The links work so you can view other pages and how they look as well. You should be able to view source and see what I've done.

lindsaycoats. com/gmti/index.htm

Thank you in advance!
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Your looking for a sticky footer:

Its very tricky to get to work. You almost have to do your sticky footer code first and then builder around it. A lot of things can break it.

If you have any problems feel free to ask though :)
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Might these helps you

To determine the height of a HTML block using JavaScript, independently from the type browsers used, there are two methods:

* element.offsetHeight

The following code implement these above methods, allowing you to determine the height of a block HTML regardless of the browser used:

<script type="text/javascript">
var divHeight;
var obj = document.getElementById('id_element');

if(obj.offsetHeight) {divHeight=obj.offsetHeight;}
else if({;}

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The following Css code is enough to make a sticky footer.

Code: [ Select ] {
  1. {
  2. bottom:0;
  3. height:20%;
  4. position:fixed;
  5. }


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