how to add the query in your search-box

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if you have a simple search-box like this:

and I know that the query can be placed behind that url like this:

How do I add the query then in a search-box like this ?

Code: [ Select ]
<form action=\"modules.php?name=Search\" method=\"post\">"
    ."<font class=\"content\"><b>Search on this website:&&</b>"
    ."<input type=\"text\" name=\"query\" size=\"30\">"
  1. <form action=\"modules.php?name=Search\" method=\"post\">"
  2.     ."<font class=\"content\"><b>Search on this website:&&</b>"
  3.     ."<input type=\"text\" name=\"query\" size=\"30\">"
  4.     ."</font></form></center></td></tr></table>\n"
  5.   ."\n"
  6.   ."\n";

So I don't end up with this url: but with this url:

All help welcome!


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Post 3+ Months Ago

I believe you can use the GET method for that. Like this:

Code: [ Select ]
<form action="modules.php?name=Search" method="GET">

You'd have to change any PHP code too, from $_POST['variable'] to $_GET['variable'], obviously because you're not using POST anymore :)

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