How do i get more "flashy" website?

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Hello everybody, i am pretty new to webdesign and so on. But i have learned XHTML, CSS and some photoshop in about 3 months. But, my websites are so "plain" and.. Just booring, i thought maybe you guys and girls could help me out with this.

At moment this is how my website looks.
It's a schoolproject i am working on, a simple webshop with some simple PHP. Its based on CSS, XHTML and some basic PHP. And of course a very tiny bit of photoshop (I am no master. :-P ).
As you can see the website looks pretty booring and "to" simple, in my opinion. I am not sure how to do clean and smooth website layouts with not to much photoshoping.
So please, can you people help me out? Give me some tips and so on.

Your friend,
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In my experience, there are two types of developers. Technical people who are more comfortable with the nuts and bolts and Artistically inclined people who are more focused on the overall vision/aesthetic, etc.

Neither type gives enough credit to the other.

If you feel like your designs are boring, or otherwise not up to snuff, you should take some time to learn more about visual arts, color theory and composition techniques. Study pages that you find attractive and/or visually compelling. Look at what types of elements they use and how the elements are combined into an overall scheme.

One final thing, please don't ever center-align bodies of text. It makes it hard, if not annoying, to read, IMO.


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