How to keep the background picture fixed when scrolling

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How To put a fixed picture in the background that stays fixed as i scroll
im just a begginer so please can you help me : :shock: :?:
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in css:
Code: [ Select ]
  1. body{
  2.   background-image:url(path/filename.ext);
  3.   background-attachment:fixed
  4. }

This will work if you are using it on the body of the document. If you are using it on a different element then 99% chance it will display wrong in internet explorer.

If using it on the body then you'll be fine, if using it elsewhere on the page I will write a quick hack for you :D
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since you are a beginner, I would recommend you do some searching on the boards for answers before posting. More than likely you questions will have been asked multiple times, including this one.

welcome to ozzu. :)
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If you don't want to use CSS, just put this in the body tag
Code: [ Select ]
<head >BLAH BLAH</head>
<body bgproperties="fixed" background="yourpic">

~rest of the page~
  1. <html>
  2. <head >BLAH BLAH</head>
  3. <body bgproperties="fixed" background="yourpic">
  4. ~rest of the page~

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