How to make money as free lancer?

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I'm wondering if anyone out there that is a solo web developer/designer could share any tips on how to make money doing this? I'd like to start my own web design company but I'm really not sure what people are doing to make money and not waste a bunch of time in the process. How are you all charging $100 for a site and managing to stay in business?

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I think a lot of people have passive income generators on the side. Hosting companies, template sales, advertisements, blogs, etc.

When your next meal doesn't depend on the job you're doing, you can afford to undercut people out of business.
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Well you could always start by reading freelance switch. I think you'll find that the "good" freelancers aren't charging $100 for a site. I don't freelance full time but $100 is alot closer to my hourly rate than to a project rate.

Its a bit hard to really answer how to get started since that's different for everyone/every situation but it all comes down to being a business person. Learn sales, project management, promotion etc and realize that you'll spend as much time doing those things as actually building websites.
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I've found when freelancing its much better to find local companies and not use freelance websites.

Its much harder to find but you can get much better rates.

From freelancing I've found that there quite a few designers who outsource their programming. Starting cheap with these guys and the n upping your prices as your relationship grows seems to work out ok.

They grow to trust you and if your good they will realise it and will want to continue working for you. Any cost that you add can be passed on to their customers. This wont work if they are doing projects for $100 they need to be actively finding better projects for you both to work on.

Probably not the best advice as it doesn't really get you anywhere if you aren't lucky enough to find the right clients but that's what's (kind of) working for me.
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Guys, I can get a freelancer's name, site, style, and skills exposed.

Please read this thread to understand our situation:

( marketplace/professional-gaming-team-needs-your-help-t100311.html )

The job is still a paid job. But the money you could generate from future jobs because of the exposure to thousands will pay dividends!

Please someone help us help you!

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