How was this done?

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Hello everyone. First I would like to say thank you for answering my previous questions. I have learned so much from this board.

I found this website and taking a look at the "what we do" page.
Can any one tell me what program allows you to click on the different links and make a new description appear with out loading a new page. It looks the description fades in when you click the link. When you click another link the next description seems to fade in.

I just want to know what I need to study to accomplish this affect.

Thanks so much
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The website is made entirely in Flash. If you learn Flash you'll learn how they do that. Would take a tutorial or two in Flash to explain how they do it.
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you may be able to achieve similar effects using html behaviours..... you can arrange it so that rollover or click on a certain spot on your page shows/hides an independent div (which can include images or text, and sit anywhere you want on the page)

maybe the result will not be as sophisticated as flash, but might be easier to implement if you're already familiar with css/html and dreamweaver

here is one tutorial I just dug up by googling 'html behaviors show hide' - I can't vouch for its quality but you can probably find lots like it.

of course learning flash is a good idea anyway - and this is a basic flash function, so as ATNO said it wouldn't take you long to learn.... but you might not necessarily want a flash site (SEO reasons etc)

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