How do you embed a flv file in html (I need step by step)

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I am very new to html programming and have been trying to figure this out for a couple days. Basically from what I have learned is that you need to either put the flv file in a swf object or to embed a flv player into your site and tell that player to run your videos. So what I need for whoever sees this to do is to list their favourite flv player that is free to use and can be downloaded and embedded into html. Then I need a very easy to understand step by step instruction list of how to put the flv file in your website. Starting from writing the first line of the html to getting it to actually work. This includes installing the downloaded flv player into your html and whatnot. It would be appreciated if you made a sample html page with a sample flv video and everything else, although I am grateful for any responses at all. If you know how to put the flv in html without flv player and still have the flv file be read from your computer, not some other website then a step by step instruction of how to do this is equally helpful. An explanation on how to make the video start automatically and also loop would be nice too, though as i said before im grateful for anything. I also need to know how to re-size the video to a desired resolution. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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I think there is a new web extention for movies... i forgot which one it was... something with (.web) you can implement that one your website by using the new HTML5 tags: <video></video>.

Why is this so cool?
You won't see a frame or a play button the first time so it looks like its incorporated into your website :)
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Try this embed code for playing flv videos in your site.

HTML Code: [ Select ]
<object width="300" height="500">
<param name="movie" value="yoursite url/video.flv">
<embed src="yoursite url/video.flv" width="300" height="500">
  1. <html>
  2. <body>
  3. <object width="300" height="500">
  5. <param name="movie" value="yoursite url/video.flv">
  7. <embed src="yoursite url/video.flv" width="300" height="500">
  9. </embed>
  11. </object>
  15. </body>
  16. </html>

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