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We are launching a web site which now is located at

On the right side, as long as you are using a windows operating system, you will notice a box for “related offers” along with a box for “search”. However, when I have loaded this website on a Macintosh computer, (especially newer models), I have noticed that the search box is open ended making the entire right side look funky. ( if you load the web site with a Mac, you will see what I am talking about)

If someone would be able to send me code that will not change the look on the windows computers while also making the site look normal on a mac, I will truly be greatful.

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i have gone through your codes, and have a little advice...
All your code is done using pure HTML technic, which by the way is far behind us.
I don't know if you made the site yourself... if not then you'd better ask the person to use CSS (cascading stylesheet) which by the way will help you a lot and save your more time and energy especially when your number of pages starts growing.
Also, in your codes i've noticed that you are using % for the width of your table instead of pixels. Its a good idea, but you have standard layout that you don't want to stretch on different resolutions..
So, what you have to do, change all table width to pixel.. if not, the table will strecht horizontally causing that funny look you're getting on mac...
But before doing all that.. try to find out about CSS... it will help a lot easy the work on you..

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