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First and foremost thanks to anyone who can help me figure this out. I have been tasked with being the webmaster of my site. I am doing my best, but I don't know what the heck I am doing. I want to create a webpage for the soccer teams that uses hyperlinks to the individual team pages. Basically I want it to look and act like the fields page.

Unfortunately when I try to use the HTML designer the team pages show up crappy with all the spaces and stuff visable. I looked at the code for how the fields page was built and I can't figure it out. I was hoping some one could direct me to where I can figure this mess out. Attached is the code for the fields. I don't know what the wstxpagelink is or how to find it for my team pages.

Thanks for your help!


Code: [ Select ]
<font face="Georgia" size="3"><a href="wstxpagelink:df475be6-fa4c-4637-a633-544be78ca8da" target="_blank">Reed-Custer<br />
</a><a href="wstxpagelink:aa3ac24f-4ac4-4fe6-aabf-d0ecdfc62a71" target="_blank">Braceville</a><br />
<a href="wstxpagelink:3c7c1bdc-c9cc-4456-92bd-5b843635654f" target="_blank">Coal City - U10<br />
</a><a href="wstxpagelink:2ec7bb98-4a58-4571-862b-b24650b564f0">Coal City - U12<br />
</a><a href="wstxpagelink:c933ccd3-6db8-4cbe-8d41-3c3dba25c613" target="_blank">Coal City - U-14<br />
</a><a href="wstxpagelink:cd063bfd-62d3-4119-9a07-d60acee298d1" target="_blank">Joliet<br />
</a><a href="wstxpagelink:1862e2b4-720b-4f78-b081-443fc0e52ab2" target="_blank">Morris</a><br />
<a href="wstxpagelink:26fe081c-c88d-49fd-bbcd-2f6d18b3a0e2" target="_blank">Plainfield - Renwick Road</a><br />
<a href="wstxpagelink:e1bd8ceb-7cc3-4cec-a6e4-e38aa0c3e90d" target="_blank">Plainfield - Van Horne Woods</a><br />
<a href="wstxpagelink:a4370f81-fe74-44f4-aa20-f21c3402404d" target="_blank">Seneca</a><br />
<a href="wstxpagelink:db38ca2c-99d9-4ed1-a00e-9fa40ac268e5" target="_blank">Shorewood - 4 Seasons Park (Fall)<br />
</a><a href="wstxpagelink:5fc3cbdc-1e0c-4bd9-8d9b-e7c2c3c63d5e" target="_blank">Shorewood - Troy School (Spring)<br />
</a><a href="wstxpagelink:b186551c-3461-4e0b-a2f9-b4a494796ca1" target="_blank">Wilmington - U10 only<br />
</a><a href="wstxpagelink:4fd28b4b-2483-4cbc-9603-945bef256e6c" target="_blank">Wilmington</a></font>
  1. <font face="Georgia" size="3"><a href="wstxpagelink:df475be6-fa4c-4637-a633-544be78ca8da" target="_blank">Reed-Custer<br />
  2. </a><a href="wstxpagelink:aa3ac24f-4ac4-4fe6-aabf-d0ecdfc62a71" target="_blank">Braceville</a><br />
  3. <a href="wstxpagelink:3c7c1bdc-c9cc-4456-92bd-5b843635654f" target="_blank">Coal City - U10<br />
  4. </a><a href="wstxpagelink:2ec7bb98-4a58-4571-862b-b24650b564f0">Coal City - U12<br />
  5. </a><a href="wstxpagelink:c933ccd3-6db8-4cbe-8d41-3c3dba25c613" target="_blank">Coal City - U-14<br />
  6. </a><a href="wstxpagelink:cd063bfd-62d3-4119-9a07-d60acee298d1" target="_blank">Joliet<br />
  7. </a><a href="wstxpagelink:1862e2b4-720b-4f78-b081-443fc0e52ab2" target="_blank">Morris</a><br />
  8. <a href="wstxpagelink:26fe081c-c88d-49fd-bbcd-2f6d18b3a0e2" target="_blank">Plainfield - Renwick Road</a><br />
  9. <a href="wstxpagelink:e1bd8ceb-7cc3-4cec-a6e4-e38aa0c3e90d" target="_blank">Plainfield - Van Horne Woods</a><br />
  10. <a href="wstxpagelink:a4370f81-fe74-44f4-aa20-f21c3402404d" target="_blank">Seneca</a><br />
  11. <a href="wstxpagelink:db38ca2c-99d9-4ed1-a00e-9fa40ac268e5" target="_blank">Shorewood - 4 Seasons Park (Fall)<br />
  12. </a><a href="wstxpagelink:5fc3cbdc-1e0c-4bd9-8d9b-e7c2c3c63d5e" target="_blank">Shorewood - Troy School (Spring)<br />
  13. </a><a href="wstxpagelink:b186551c-3461-4e0b-a2f9-b4a494796ca1" target="_blank">Wilmington - U10 only<br />
  14. </a><a href="wstxpagelink:4fd28b4b-2483-4cbc-9603-945bef256e6c" target="_blank">Wilmington</a></font>
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Your obstacle may be that you are using HTML designer? Checked with IE and Firefox it renders correctly with no spaces or crappy stuff. Maybe you should learn using how to read the HTML without the designer view. You may try doing changes each time you open your main.html to check if it renders correctly.

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