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Aye, I posted this before but deleted it. Just thought though that prehaps someone else will see this and maybe have better luck than me and avoid being ripped off.

Posted on this site looking for help with a site. A lad from England,mailed and offered to help. No worries. Seemed like he knew his stuff, probably does actually. He was a little weary about the payment and as I did some stuff for others and got ripped off before I actually paid the guy upfront, almost 200euro. Showing him he could trust me totally. This was all way back in April. All the guy had to do was code a page I'd made and code a php contact form. He promised me the work after two weeks.

The guy did some work on the site and showed me it as he went along, then eventually I just heard nothing from the guy for about 2-3 months, after countless emails. all patient and with the benifit of the doubt. Eventually after getting nothing back from the guy, I posted here and within 40mins had an email from him saying his email was locked and he couldn't get the pw to get in and get my contact address. but all the job was done and he'd email me all the files. Fine, I gave him the benefit of the doubt again and saoid I understood but that he should email the files right away. Doesn't matter, since I've already done it myself anyway, but I did pay for it. That was about the 4th of July. And nothing since.

It's hard to trust someone enough to pay for work you do for them and not easy to trust someone to do the work you paid for. Just a word of warning to everyone I guess. You can get a little complacient when you are doing business online a lot.

(mods, hope I didn't overstep things by posting this here?)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Is this related to your post in JOB OFFERS ?

If so I'll go ahead and merge this thread with that thread & remove this comment.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

That sounds like a bad experience you had with some people doing work for money. Did you ask to see his/her profile or something? Something he/she had something to brag about?

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