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Ok now here I come again with question :). I have a menu that is going across my screen. I want to have like a bar going across and buttons on top of it . I have .jpg for the bar which I will repeat along the X. I want to put the buttons on top. How can I do that ??
I also have a logo in the left corner ....
Kind of the same way as the OZZU's top menu ...
thanks for the help. :)

edit: After a quick look at the code of I realize that you are using tables and I do not want to do that. Any suggestiongs ?
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just use an empty div, that is the right height (width will automagically by 100%). Then apply the background image.

The logo can be placed using position:absolute and give it a high z-index so that it will sit on top of the other elements.
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yes I thought about that but I also have buttons ?
I am kind of anxious about using absolute positioning. What if someone is seeing the page at different resolution ? Or in resized window ? They wont be able to see all of it.... What abou this:
height: whatever;
width: 25%;// lets say I will have 4 menu options
background-image: myimage.jpg
backgound-repeat: x;
text-align: center;
margin-left:0; //so that there is no space between
margin-right: 0;
float: left; //so that they are on the same line.
float: right;
z-index: 1;//visible
That was on the fly :) I will try it, seems it might
z-index: 2;//so it is on the top of the menu
width: 10%;
//do I need to float it ?
position: absolute;
top: "whatever";
left: "default" ;
Hmm sorry about me posting all that, just inspiration :D

edit: BTW thanks for the help. I was hoping that you post an answer :).
Thanks man.

another edit :) :
my background-image won't include the file. The URL is right, when I paste it in the browser the image comes up. I think my browser hates me. :) I had the same problem before. I also notice that when I update something in the CSS and refresh the old property is still active. I guess it is pulling from the cashe and I do not want that .... I'm running apache. Do you know if thats from the server or the browser ??

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