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Can I put a live webcam feed onto my website without using expensive programs? I don't mind downloading free ones.
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Please don't cross post, I deleted the other post in the photography/digital art section.
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There are a few ways. The easiest way is to use a prog that uploads a photo onto an FTP server automatically every minute. CHECK WITH YOUR WEBHOST BEFORE DOING THIS! THIS USES A LOT OF SERVER RESOURCES AND CAN REALLY ANNOY SOME PEOPLE!
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There are other ways to do this too...

I have a Webcam running on my Linux box at home (on cablemodem) that is streamed to a dedicated server I rent.

From this dedicated server, it is then forwarded on to people viewing via my website via a program running on a dedicated port.

No FTP, all images are totally live, and my bandwidth here at home isn't slowed down by a bunch of people looking at the cam at once.

You can see this up and running here...

It also shows a thumbnail of the cam on the main page of the site over on the right...

This is another option that a lot of regular hosting companies aren't going to be willing to do, but it is an option, and I figured I'd add it here for those who are interested and do have the resources at their disposal to do something like this.

This webcam is powered by completely free OpenSource software, and the webcam itself is just a cheap $12 parallel port cam. Doesn't work too bad (it's been up & running now since June '01).

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