Looking for partner in crime :D for a small project

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i have this website


atm you can see its disgracefull, I realy havent finished the layout and dont want to use that one anyway, just put it up as a slight tester thing, didnt bother creating other pages etc. and looking to remove ads that was also a test of google ads to see what it was like for future projects.

i realy need somone who can spend a small amount of time with me to help me, someone who has any understanding of how to present as a proffesional business and coding as im only 17 and havn't been looking at webdesign or code too long.
basicly i need somone to discuss ideas with and to help me getting this site up and working.

Unfourtunely i cant afford to pay for this help as i am flat broke but any time spent helping me i will try to repay with favors and trying to help you with anything you may not understand that i might.

I dont know if my website will stay as i need to check with the person hosting it and the domain as i am not paying for either as somone i know is hosting it and paying for the domain name as part of the payment for a few jobs i did for him.

anyone that can help me the smalest bit please contact craig.145@hotmail.co.uk
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Craig, Here's a list I've compiled over time that will help you with what a portfolio site "should be". http://learningisfun.whenimnotsleeping.com/index.php/2008/02/06/tips-for-building-a-killer-portfolio/

That aside I would highly recommend that you try to find a mentor in your local area. While I would gladly do this for you, its in your best interest to find someone who you can meet with face to face. A good mentor would sit down with you once a month or so and give you hands on help in your area of interest.

I'm not sure where you are in the UK but I would start by checking with the local design organizations as most of them offer some sort of mentorship program. I don't know a lot about the organizations in that part of the world but here are a few I've heard mentioned.


I'd like to commend you for realizing what you want to do and some of the steps for getting there. Best of luck.
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I can help you the best I could at least as far as coding goes.

BTW: Great article graphixboy :)
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thx alot grafixboy!!!! yeh.. i have looked a few shops and tht but everyone seems to be a little to busy to spend some extra time with me.. im thinkin about taking a college course next year to do with code etc. if i dont go for graphics or multi emdia....

i will defo have a look at them sites and im from manchester :D

thx bogey!

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