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The website that I created uses .shtml extensions and each page is comprised of three documents put together by the server. I included meta tags in header document as well as the body document since I am not all that familiar with what I am doing. So right now I basically have two headers and I think it is causing my site not to show up on the search engines even after the prolonged time after I entered it. So my question is: Will the webcrawlers be able to file my site just from the header document meta tags?

That may sound confusing so heres a diagram:

doc 1:

doc 2:
<head>......</head>(identical to that of doc 1)

I hope I am not confusing anyone, because I myself am confused.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

It takes a while for search engines to start listing websites. Just be patient. As far as meta-tags, there are only three that you need:

Content Type

All of the others are a waste of code. In fact, meta-tags hardly matter anymore since search engines have been made "intelligent" enough to read the actual text of your page to figure out what it's all about.

You can thank the search-engine spammers for this.

You're best bet is to just make good clean, symantically correct code.

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