I need a Portfolio Website.... Help needed/ Guidece $$$$

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Hey I'm new to this Forum.

I have made a couple websites in the past, when I was in highschool, I used Go live and Shockwave studios all that old Macromedia Programs... Anyways. I haven't touched a html or Xtml in about 4 years. Nor have I made an effort to improve any of my flash skills. For a while i sought out to have a bro or pay someone to build a Simple Portfolio Site (who knows..).

I would like to take cred for my Portfolio site (so i have to build it). . . Although, If any one is willing to help me with a Basic Flash based site. As to.. guiding me to helpful Tutorial .com's or Books etc. I will be most great full. I have money set aside to assist me in the building of my website.

http://www.harrisonfry.com If you click on the word Photography it will take you to a small Sampling of Some Photography.

Another thing I confused my self with, is what programs to use. I know each program has its designed purpose, but some are multi-functional.

programs I have to work with:
Adobe CS3:
(I have the entire Creative Design Premium Suite 3)

Adobe CS1:

Fetch -FTP:UPload

iWeb(apple)- LOL

If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Well the way I see it you have a few options:

1. Pay someone to design and code the site
2. Design the site yourself and have someone else write the code (there are lots of services for this or plenty of people here at Ozzu)
3. Do the whole thing yourself.

There are obviously pros and cons for each of those, but if your pretty good with photoshop/illustrator you might want to consider option #2. This way you can take credit for the design, but don't have to go through all the time and effort to brush up on HTML/CSS and learn/relearn programs like Flash and Dreamweaver...

Based on your software question the process usually goes like this: 1. Design (photoshop, illustrator, etc) 2. Build/code (Flash, Dreamweaver, Coda, etc) 3. Place your built content on your webhost (Fetch/Transmit/etc) Obviously thats a simplified process, but you get the idea.

Also I'm sure I could give you lots of tutorials, but it might be a good idea to decide on your approach first. Will this be a Flash site, HTML, some combo? How often will you want to update your site? and so on... If you consider those things we can probably do a bit better job helping you figure out what tutorials to read, but these will probably get you a good start.

By the way I really like your photography.

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