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I've been looking at the CSS3 :not() selector or negation pseudo-class.

I'm trying to style all the external links on an a page differently than the internal links. External links occur in paragraphs with the classname "foo", like so:

Code: [ Select ]
<p>A random <a href="../some_dir/">internal link</a></p>
<p class="foo">A random <a href="">external link</a></p>
  1. <p>A random <a href="../some_dir/">internal link</a></p>
  2. <p class="foo">A random <a href="">external link</a></p>

I tried making use of the negation pseudo-class:

Code: [ Select ]
a[href^="http://"]:not(.foo) {color: #000; text-decoration: underline;}

Also tried it with a descendant selector or a child selector thrown in, but to no avail:

Code: [ Select ]
p > a[href^="http://"]:not(.foo) {color:#000;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:underline;}

p a[href^="http://"]:not(.foo) {color:#000;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:underline;}
  1. p > a[href^="http://"]:not(.foo) {color:#000;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:underline;}
  2. p a[href^="http://"]:not(.foo) {color:#000;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:underline;}

Does the :not() selector not work when you use matching attribute selectors?

ps apologies in advance if I have butchered and misused any terminology (a bad habit of mine).

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