Netscape 7.2 and Mozilla: Link placed in table cell

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The problem described below has now been SOLVED with help from this forum:

I had put in too much padding-top in the cell just below the cell with the non-working link. I guess other factors were pushing the excess padding-top upward into the cell with the link, causing the link not to work. Now it works. Thanks again for your help.

Original problem:

Hi, if you have any clues on the following, they would be much appreciated.

On my website, a link that works perfectly when I am using IE 5.5 and 6 as well as Netscape Navigator 7.1, stops working when I am using Netscape 7.2 or Mozilla.

The non-working link is in the cell of a table. Browsing with Netscape 7.2, and working with the codes, I find the link partly works if a few wierd conditions are fulfilled. If I keep the link far enough (like an inch or more) from the left inside wall of the cell, the link works. But if I push the link closer to the left inside wall of the cell, the part of the link closer to the left side of the cell stops responding when my cursor is hovering over it. If I move the link still closer to the left inside wall of the cell, no part of the link responds to hovering. Yet if I move the link ALL the way right up against the left inside wall of the cell, and then hover my cursor over the extreme left edge of the link, the link lights up. Then no other spot but the left edge of the link will respond to hovering with the cursor. When the hover response fails, the link also won't take one to the target destination.

When I move the link to other cells in the table, the problem seems to disappear, the link works normally.

I'm kind of a newbie at all this, so if possible reply non-technically. Thanks much for any assistance.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

You need to post a URL or code so that we can see the problem.

You most likely have a positioned element which is transparent in some places, and it is sitting _above_ the link to which you are referring.

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