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If I tell a page to open in a blank window, how do I target its position, size, what toolbars are viewable etc...
I know this can be done, something to do with the x + y coordinates, but I dont know how to do it?

Does anybody have any examples I could use?

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If you open it using the method via javascript then you can customize it to your heart's content. There are some examples here: ... 31203a.htm
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If you are opening it via an anchor tag's TARGET attribute, you can't position it from the opener page, although you can on the child page.

If you want to manipulate it, don't use TARGET. Instead, use an onClick method that opens a window with javascript, and set the opener to the current window. You can have access to all functions and variables in the child window that way too.

A working example: ... eature.asp
Click on one of the images. The path and caption data is being passed to the JS functions in that window from the opening function, not though some sort of QueryString. The window resizes itself based on the size of the photo dynamically. You could further get the window to move itself by calling window.moveBy or window.moveTo functions in the child window.

Of course, if you have JS disabled for some silly reason, you don't get to see enlarged version. :roll:


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