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I wish to start a new website for personal product reviews for a hobby of mine. Sites of such information do not yet exist. I have some background with webmastering and have worked with computers for 15 years, so the technology doesn't scare me. I'm willing to put in the time to learn.

I'm looking to be able to have users register and provide feedback on individual products. I need to record feedback, do some simple calculations based on the feedback, and display the information. I'm guessing I should use ASP and My SQL. I'm new with both, but have a basic understanding of things like VBasic, C, Perl, HTML... Am I looking in the right direction?

Also, does it make sense to pay for hosting of this type of site rather than running the server myself?
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ok, where to start, where to start.... oh yeah:
Get yourself some hosting. There are quite a few hosting companies that have starter plans for a few bucks a month, and since MOST ISP's (broadband and dial-up) don't allow hosting websites, you won't be breaking your acceptible use policy. Not to mention that your IP address probably changes every so often, and you would have to leave your computer on all the time (which I do anyway. 6 of them, lol), and your (probably) limited upstream bandwidth means your site will be slow ALL the time, a cheap hosting plan is probably the best option.

Given your familiarity with VB, I would suggest using ASP, however, actually finding a hosting company that offers asp as an option could prove difficult, and since php is pretty damned easy to learn, I will suggest a php/mysql approach (virtually ALL hosting companies offer this option, since both php and mysql are free), and since you have an basic understanding of perl and C, php should be no problem to learn (they have the best documentation I have seen)

I am not familiar with .Net, so I don't know the advantages/disadvantages of that. You didn't mention it, but I am because it is another possible option you could use.

I don't know how much traffic you plan on getting (I'm guessing virtually nothing at first) but if you put a few links out, and you have a really relevant site, expect to have to upgrade your hosting plan in the near future. My site is a "hobby" site and the first incarnation of it basically outgrew my hosting in about 3 months and I had to shut it down for a while because I couldn't afford the hosting bills. After a redesign, and a couple of advertising contracts. the site now pays for itself and turns a nice profit :)

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Hope it helps.

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