noob needs help figuring out how to upload my web page

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i have a host and it supports frontpage extensions so i built a simple site for my little bro's car audio/performance parts business. well being totally clueless as to where the index.html goes and how to make the images on the web page show once i have it up is my first problem.

so anyone have a little time to guide me through this learning curve
if so please contact me

btw the host is netmart and the sites address is

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You will need to know your hosts FTP address (usually something like and your password.

Open FrontPage
Open the web site you want to publish.
Go to File > Publish Web
In the "Specify the location to publish your web to" box, type the location of an HTTP Web server
A dialog box appears asking for your username and password. Enter them.
Click "Publish"
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If you are moving your page....

Go to your web page you want to upload, then on you browser go to file, save as, and save your web page to a file on your computer, name it Site backup then save your page into that folder, then go to the new host you want to upload your page to, ussuly you will be looking for file uploader, or file manager, go there and upload it.

If you made a web page on your computer save it as a html doc, then go to your host and upload it.

Then for your images, just upload them on to your host as well.
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i have 2 ways of showing u how to do that

u have to knw the username & password( Hostname & password) like musik has said.

1. U can run it through FTP
2. U can also upload it through your control panel
or do it the same way Teardropdesigns said u should go.

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